Our School Readiness Program provides training and consultation for early years educators throughout the year. We have package deals as well as offering the flexibility for services to build their own package.

In line with our broader work with vulnerable children and families at Kids First Australia, our School Readiness Program is founded on trauma informed practice approaches. As trauma affects a developing brain in many ways, it is important for early years educators to recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma in children and support them with healing. Our program is designed to equip early years educators with practical tools and coaching to support the social and emotional needs of children before they transition to school.

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2 x 2 hour training sessions + 4 hours consultancy

Select any two training modules, plus 4 hours consultancy, undertaken at any time throughout the year that suits your service. Consultancy can be delivered in two, 2-hour sessions or one 4-hour session.




3 x 2 hour training sessions + 7 hours consultancy

Select any three training modules, plus 7 hours consultancy, undertaken at any time throughout the year that suits your service. Consultancy can be configured in a way that works best for you.



3 x 2 hour training sessions + 13 hours consultancy

Select any three training modules, plus 13 hours consultancy, undertaken at any time throughout the year that suits your service. Consultancy can be configured in a way that works best for you.



We work with you to build your own package to suit your service and budget

Price for 2-hour training package ($990 including GST) and consultancy ($220 per hour including GST).

Please note:
For groups larger than 10 people, an additional fee of $55 per person applies.

Travel costs (if required): 0-100km = $220 per site visit; 100-200km = $495 per site visit; 200-300km = $770 per site visit; 300km+ to be discussed with Kids First (as accommodation costs may apply)

What you can expect from our training modules

Building Relationships with Families:
• Why it is important to build meaningful relationships with parents?
• How do we build meaningful relationships?
• What gets in the way of this?
• What does the research tell us about engaging families?
• What are some practical things that we can do to engage families?

Sensory Strategies for Trauma Informed Practice:
• What are your sensory needs/experiences?
• Trauma and links to sensory strategies
• Practical sensory strategies

Supporting Children and Families Experiencing Vulnerability:
• Defining vulnerability and priority groups
• Risk and protective factors
• A trauma informed approach to working with families
• Understanding our expectations
• Addressing challenging situations
• Liaison and referral pathways

Trauma and Attachment Theory:
• Relational Pedagogy, Attachment Theory and Attachment Styles
• Early brain development
• Trauma and the developing brain
• Trauma informed practice

• Trauma and Attachment – Practice:
• Attachment theory – attachment styles, caregiving styles, your impact
• Early neurological development
• Trauma and its relationship to development and learning

Self-care for Educators:
• Why is self-care important?
• Understanding vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout
• Mindfulness and other self-care strategies

Please note: Trauma and Attachment - Theory and Trauma and Attachment - Practice are 2 different modules and are therefore charged separately. However, participants need to complete both modules in order to gain the in-depth knowledge that is required in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Kids First an accredited DET school readiness provider?

A. Kids First is an accredited Department of Education and Training School Readiness Provider. This means that funded kindergartens can select Kids First as their provider of school readiness services. We will work with you to build the capacity of educators and the kindergarten as a whole to support children’s social and emotional needs, using a trauma informed and relational approach, before they transition to school.

Q. How do I know my Kindergarten’s funding allocation?

A. The Department of Education (Victoria) will contact you around September to inform you of your funding allocation for the following year. Each region in Victoria has a Kindergarten Improvement Advisor who you can direct any queries too.

Q. Can I access training or consultancy for our educators online?

A. Yes! We run online options for training and consultancy via Microsoft Teams.

Q. How long are the training sessions?

A. Each training package runs for approximately 2 hours.

Q. How many staff at my Kinder need to be trained?

A. Our training packages can be run for 10 people at the listed price, and more people may attend for an additional fee per person. Based on your funding allocation, you can decide how many staff members you wish to include. Consultancy is undertaken one on one with team members, or in small groups of 3 or 4 people.

Q. Can the training be tailored to my organisation?

A. Although our training packages have pre-designed content, our consultants are happy to take questions throughout the presentation and discuss various areas of the topic in more detail. This supports your team to get the most out of your sessions so that each person leaves the session with a solid understanding of how this can be used in their daily work.

Q. My Kinder has limited funding, can I mix and match or tailor the training?

A. Yes! We are happy to discuss a training plan that suits your needs and budget. It is best to give us a call so we can help figure out a plan that will help you make the most of your funding.

Q. My Kinder receives a high level of funding, do you offer ‘boosters’ or additional training throughout the year?

A. Yes! All of our training and consultancy can be tailored to meet your budget and training needs. We can offer ongoing support throughout the year based on your needs. Call us to discuss this further!

Q. What makes Kids First different from other SR providers?

A. Kids First has a number of kindergartens where we practise what we preach, everyday! We also conducted the first randomised control trial of its kind in Australia, to understand the impact of quality, trauma informed, and relational pedagogy on children experiencing adversity. All of our training comes from firsthand experience in the early years education sector.

Downloadable information

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