In Support of a First Nations Voice to Parliament

With wisdom, strength, and in the spirit of reconciliation, in 2017 Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples gifted our nation with the Uluru Statement From The Heart. Within is a call for the enshrinement of a First Nations Voice in our Constitution.

Kids First Australia offers a resounding ‘YES’ to this call.

As a provider of child and family support and educational services, we are in an important position to advance reconciliation within the communities we serve. We see supporting the Voice as part of this advancement.

Reconciliation – true reconciliation – can only occur when strong and respectful relationships are developed between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Aboriginal people. A mutually respectful relationship must afford both parties the chance to speak and be heard, so that truth can be told, and understanding can be cultivated.

If we are to address the economic, educational and health disparities that exist for First Nations people, we need policies informed by First Nations experiences.

To be informed, we must listen.

The Voice to Parliament will give First Nations people the opportunity to speak and be heard on matters that matter to them; to inform policy and legal decisions that impact their lives.

The Voice is the call to take the next step on our journey as a nation toward reconciliation. We urge all people of Australia to answer this call loudly, with one word:



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