Last year Quinn* came to Kids First after experiencing family violence. The experience had diminished her confidence, and after years of having her parenting skills undermined, she was at a low point. Her five-year-old son Ezra* was showing signs of aggression towards her and particularly after visits with his father.

“(PFR) has been a fantastic support especially in my confidence as a parent. Before the program I doubted myself a lot, thinking I must be doing something wrong or could be doing something better. You helped me see all the little things I was doing well and reflect on what I also needed.

You always made me feel comfortable to share and I felt you very quickly picked up on our needs and went out of your way to accommodate these. I never felt judged and the way you delivered feedback was encouraging and motivating.

A huge thank you, you have made a huge difference in my life and hopefully a flow on effect to Ezra's life,” said Quinn.

Professional Statement

“PFR is based on attachment theory and builds confidence and competence in parents. It does this through a unique approach, starting with visiting families in their homes where child development and safety can be explored.

Over time Ezra’s aggressive behaviour reduced. Upset behaviour that would typically last for 90 minutes was reduced to 20 minutes and he even began activating some self-soothing behaviours. Importantly, Quinn’s confidence grew.”

- Kids First Clinical Practitioner

*For privacy, names have been changed in this client story

Promoting First Relationships

PFR aims to help families facing adversity

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Quinn's Story
Kids First Australia Client Story 2022
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