The BETTER FUTURE Melbourne Design Awards 2023 recognises the creativity and courage of those who are leading us into a better tomorrow.

In the Product Design – Education category, the judges are looking to celebrate creative and innovative design. Consideration is given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and elements, assembly, creation, and the overall function.

Winning Gold in Product Design – Education highlights the usability, forward-thinking nature, and game-changing possibilities of To Future Me.

Our self-paced e-learning platform was co-designed with year eight students and clinical experts, to help provide awareness and confidence to young people surrounding topics of consent, respectful relationships, grooming, gender and sexual identity and porn.

To Future Me bridges the gap between existing sex education resources and online safety programs and explores what healthy relationships look like – and what they don’t look like.

We want to thank BETTER FUTURE Melbourne Design Awards for giving To Future Me the GOLD recognition it deserves.

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