We'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge those who have contributed to our impact this year.

To our staff, thank you for your commitment, resilience and dedication across 2023. Whether you have contributed to the many services we provide to children, young people and families, back of house services that support all of our work, or our beloved Op Shop or café, your efforts do not go unnoticed. 

To our board, thank you for your wise governance, financial stewardship, and continued belief in our vision and purpose. The value you bring to our organisation is immeasurable, ensuring the voice of our clients is embedded in all of our decision-making.

And finally, to our valued supporters. For believing in us, supporting us with your time, advocacy, donations, and attending our many events. Without you, we would not be able to impact as many children, young people and families across Australia as we do. Thank you for believing in us.

We wish you all peace in your heart, peace in your home and peace in the world. 

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