“I’ve been working in this sector for 26 years, both in the UK and now in Australia, and the impact of pornography is absolutely huge,’’ she shared.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Ms Bateman said that confronting misogynistic behaviour in schools was a “leadership challenge’’ for principals.

“The challenge is to move on principals that allow harmful and misogynistic behaviour to occur, but also to ensure that we are tackling these views directly in schools through education programs,’’ she said.

“Research tells us there is a clear link between hostility towards women and subsequent aggression towards women.

“Among the many steps needed to end the plague of violence against women in Australia, is swiftly and appropriately dealing with individuals in places of power and influence that perpetuate these attitudes.’’

Read the full interview with Jackie via The Australian (paywall): Child therapist warns of online porn dangers


A renowned therapist, trainer, consultant, and writer with more than 20 years’ practice experience, Jackie has gained a deep understanding of family violence from her experiences working with and supporting children and young people exhibiting harmful sexual behaviours, and their families.

Currently, Jackie is Director of Client Services at Kids First Australia. Kids First’s Sexual Assault Counselling and Prevention Program (SACPP) works with children and young people who have experienced or engaged in harmful sexual behaviours. The team recently released an evidenced-informed consent education platform, ‘To Future Me’ which teaches on the topics of sex, consent, grooming behaviour and gender in an age-appropriate digital format.


Jackie sits on the Board of Sexual Assault Services (Victoria) and is Deputy Chair of the Harmful Sexual Behaviour network.

Jackie Bateman
Jackie Bateman
Director of Client Services, Kids First Australia

For media enquiries and/or to seek commentary from Jackie Bateman, please contact:

April Chaplin, Communications Lead at Kids First Australia

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