Esme is an older woman who had been in a very long-term and abusive relationship since she was young.

She had never managed her own money. So it was a huge first step for her to do something many of us would take for granted and did when we were young - she got her own bank account.

It took months of engagement and work, but she was so happy when she was able to do this and deposit her own money.

Professional Statement

“The Orange Door offers a unique approach where both the emotional and practical needs of victim survivors can be explored. Esme had never had control of her own finances. And for her, this was a big step.

Every day, team members at NEMA Orange Door empower women as victim survivors of family violence.

Often, as with Esme, this begins with the act of listening. To hear and believe a woman’s story and to acknowledge her bravery in keeping herself and her children safe. She has survived. We can partner with her to build on this strength.”

- Kids First NEMA Orange Door team member

*For privacy, names have been changed in this client story

The Orange Door

You can access a range of family violence and family services through The Orange Door – in person or over the phone.

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Esme's Story
Kids First Australia Client Story 2022
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