Stronger Families Foundation CEO Geoff Hart-Davies and Chair Professor Sue Fyfe, along with Kids First Australia Deputy CEO Ms Nicole Artico were welcomed to Western Australia's Government House today.

Greeted by The Governor, His Excellency the Honourable Christopher John Dawson AC APM and his wife, the group discussed the latest developments within Kids first and Stronger Families, including a recently struck partnership between the two organisations. 

Stronger Families envisages a community in which families live free from the fear of family and domestic violence. Their mission is to break the cycle of intergenerational violence to assure the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable children, by supporting mothers, and engaging fathers to promote safe and responsible parenting.

Together, Kids First and Stronger Families are working to expand access to Caring Dads in Western Australia. Caring Dads is an innovative 17-week group behaviour change program for dads who have used violence, helping them improve their relationship with their children.  

Its effectiveness in reducing abusive and neglectful parenting practices has seen Caring Dads recognised as a program with potential for national-wide application, but for a lack of funding. 

Learn more about Caring Dads.

From left to right: Stronger Families CEO Geoff Hart-Davies and Chair Chair Professor Sue Fyfe; His Excellency the Honourable Christopher John Dawson AC APM; Mrs Darrilyn Dawson; and Kids First Deputy CEO Nicole Artico.
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