How does this program work?

All About Safety is facilitated in two-by-two-hour sessions over the course of two weeks with up to 25 students.

All About Safety Themes


Feelings is addressed as the first topic as this provides the foundation for other elements in the program. The concepts of; body felt feeling, connection between emotions and behaviours, recognising and naming feelings, sharing feelings with others, and recognising feelings in other people.


Body & Private Parts

Children are taught that their body belongs only to them, and they have the right to say NO if they feel unsafe sharing their bodies (including hugs and cuddles). Children are encouraged to use the correct names for their private parts.


Early Warning Signs

To focus on the experience of physical sensations in our bodies when we do not feel safe, or are in exciting or challenging situations (flight, fight, freeze), attention is drawn to common early warning signs e.g tummy butterflies, difficulty breathing, sweating, heart racing and jelly leg.



The distinction is drawn between safe and unsafe secrets. Familiar experiences as well as dilemmas/challenges of dealing with secrets is explored.


Cyber safety

Considerations for internet activities and inherent risks are reiterated in each of the above elements as children are generally involved in internet-based entertainment and social media.


Safety Network

Supporting children and families to develop a network of people for children to talk to and parents/ carers to consult with for further support.

Interested in knowing more?

For more information about All About Safety please fill in the form below and one of lovely Intake and Engagement team members will be in touch with you. Alternatively if you would like to speak to someone on the phone please call us on (03) 9450 0900.

Please note: This program is available in VIC ONLY. If you are located outside of VIC, please enquire with your state-based service provider. Thank you.

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