But how do your fundraise?

Whether it's running a marathon, hosting an event or just having a party for a good cause, there are lots of fantastic and easy ways to raise money.

First thing is first.......

1. The event
Decide what you want to do and think about who you know and what they would be interested in – a black tie gala dinner, a pub quiz or cake bake?

2. The location
Where are you planning on holding your fantastic fundraising event? Could you host your event at home or at work, or at a local hotel or community centre?

3. The date
Have a think about which date will be best for highest attendance – will you have your event at the weekend or during the week? Make sure you consider other events and special dates such as national holidays or sporting events which may clash with your event and give yourself enough time to plan and prepare.

4. The fun-draising
How are you going to raise the most money? Will you hold a raffle or auction on the day? Will you be selling cakes, drinks and gifts? Will you charge for attendance? Set yourself ambitious but achievable targets.

5. Spread the word
Make sure everyone knows about your event. Why not make a poster? And ask your local shops, restaurants, pubs, gyms, hotels and leisure centres
to display it.

6. The publicity
Contact your local newspaper, radio and TV station to tell them what you’re doing and why.

7.The online part
Make sure you use Facebook and Twitter to tell people about your event. If you tell us about your event we will try to share it with our supporters on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

8. The support
Get in touch with local restaurants, hotels and shops to see if they will donate any prizes for your raffle or auction. See if you can get your venue or catering for a discounted price (or even better, for free) as it’s an event in aid of charity.

9. Tell us about it
Once your event has finished, collect in the money you have raised and give yourself a big pat on the back! We love hearing all about what you’ve been up to, so please send any news or pictures to our Giving & Engagement team at communications@kidsfirstaustralia.org. au and we will feature as many as possible in our newsletters, on our social media pages and on our website, with your permission of course!

Interested in finding out more information?

If you would like to find out more information about fundraising for Kids First please feel free to give us a call on (03) 9450 0900 and ask to speak to someone in our Giving & Engagement team. Alternatively fill in the form below and someone will be in touch soon.

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