Findings of evaluation project

The University of Melbourne has evaluated CMiM with a number of aims including understanding the extent to which participating in the program changes mothers’ understanding about the impact of domestic and family violence on parenting and how effectively it improves mother-child relationships.

final CMIM Evaluation Final Report 12 Sep 2019

Snapshot of findings

of those surveyed felt more confident in their parenting
learnt helpful ways to cope with anger, worry and stress
said the program helped them to better understand their child
noticed changes in their relationship with their child as a result of the program

Doing these exercises and talking about things has made me realize that this connection is special and that it is unique. I am important to him and that was something that I felt my ex-partner had pretty much diminished in me.


Program origins

CMiM incorporates:

• the Connections psycho-educational program for mothers and children experiencing violence in relationships, developed by Mothercraft in Canada

• the Mothers in Mind (MIM) playgroup-based program, developed by Dr Angelique Jenney (University of Calgary, Canada) Child Development Institute
• one-to-one support, through counselling, case support and referral, and brokerage.

The Child Development Institute (CDI), an accredited children’s mental health agency in Canada offering early intervention, family violence and early learning programs, initially developed the program in 2006. The CDI partnered with Kids First to deliver this program in Victoria.

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