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Children & Mothers in Mind

Children and Mothers in Mind is an Australian first program designed specifically for mothers and children under four years, who have had hurtful experiences such as family violence, childhood abuse or sexual assault. In a safe group, our highly trained and experienced staff will work with you and your child for over 22 weeks to help you with your parenting challenges. You will also have access to staff Providing one-on-one support As required, outside the group, during the program.

Mums who participate in Children and Mothers in Mind will: 

  • Increase their confidence in responding to their children in a caring and sensitive manner; 
  • Receive support to overcome hurtful experiences; 
  • Discover helpful ways to cope with anger, worry and stress; 
  • Develop ways to support children who have witnessed violence; 
  • Learn how to support their children and explore what helps children feel safe; 
  • Get a chance to spend some time playing and strengthen their relationship with their child; 
  • Talk to other mums who have had similar experiences, in a safe environment; 
  • Find practical ways to take some time for themselves; 
  • Have access to information and referral to other support services to make a fresh start in life.
Our Approach

A trained early childhood professional will work with your child during the program to make him/her feel safe. In a play-based environment, your child will also be supported to achieve developmental milestones appropriate to his/her age, learn from each other and build social connections. Our program is called Children and Mothers in Mind because we believe that both you and your child have experienced hurtful experiences in your life and require support. Helping your child feel safe and well, and helping you to think positively about yourself is the first step in the healing process. This will be the foundation for you and your child to make a fresh start in life

Getting Help

The program is free of charge. If you are interested in finding out more about Children and Mothers in Mind, please contact Kids First on 03 9450 0900 or email CMiMintake

Other Service Providers

Kids First, Anglicare Victoria, Caroline Chisholm Society, Barwon Centre Against Sexual Assault/Minerva, Merri Outreach Support Services, McAuley Community Support for Women, Vincent Care and Quantum Support Services.


Children & Mothers in Mind brochure

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