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Family Services Programs

Kids First recognises that significant life experiences can impact on the complex and challenging task of parenting. 

Our dedicated Family Services team provides a range of free, community-based programs for families who are experiencing difficulties.

All parents require support to provide a nurturing environment for their kids but while some receive this support from their family, friends and communities, others require assistance from services like Kids First. 

Family Services can offer:

  • Counselling and support to assist in resolving family problems;
  • Social support for parents and children;
  • Supported Playgroups to foster and promote positive parent-child interaction, and improve parent/caregiver play skills and connection with their children;
  • Information and advice about child development and links to children’s services including kindergartens, child care and playgroups;
  • Individual and group-based support, education and skills development to help parents and carers raise happy, healthy kids;
  • Assistance for parents getting help from other services such as housing, Centrelink, disability services, adult health services and child health services;
  • Support and assistance to families to address the causes and harms of child abuse/neglect;
  • Information and links to other community groups and services as needed.  Appointments can be in your own home, our offices at Heidelberg or Thomastown, or another agreed place.
  • Our qualified and experienced staff work with families to identify their needs and develop goals to address those needs.

To find out how you can get a referral into one of these groups or for further information on other ways Family Services can help you please contact us on 9450 0900 or [email protected].

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