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Banyule’s Bahá'í Community brings good cheer to Kids First

March 5, 2019

Whilst Kids First is a non-denominational agency, we certainly embrace the rich cultures of families whose lives we touch through our work. Sometimes, we ourselves are touched when generous local community groups return the favour.

Banyule’s Bahá'í Community have recently completed their annual period of gift giving and good cheer with a tremendous donation for the second year in a row to Kids First. Launched at the Lower Plenty Senior Citizens Centre on Tuesday 26 February, the ‘Ayyam-i-Ha’ Festival is a time of fellowship, charity and goodwill. For members of the Bahá'í Faith, it is a time for giving gifts, particularly to children. This year the Bahá'ís provided Kids First families with essentials such as shoes, clothes, toys, books, shampoo, soap, towels, girls’ hair accessories, sunscreen, hats and small blankets.

For those who may not have heard of the Bahá'í Faith, the religion’s origins date back to 1844, in Iran. There are 5-6 million Baha'is worldwide. They reside in nearly every country on earth and come from all ethnic backgrounds. The Bahá'ís, who cite world peace as their goal and believe in the unity of God, religion and humanity, have been present in Banyule since 1975. On behalf of our clients, we thank them for embracing the children we support.

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