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Canadian Connections to help mums

December 7, 2017

During the 1990’s Toronto found itself experiencing a child protection flashpoint. After a spate of infant deaths a government investigation was conducted and subsequently found a lack of cohesion and communication between various services was largely to blame.

As a result, Mothercraft partnered with other community agencies to create Breaking the Cycle (BTC), funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada in 1994. In 2005 a successful program to emerge was ‘Connections’, an integrated group intervention for mothers and children experiencing violence in relationships and/or substance abuse.

Demonstrating parallels with the Canadian experience, the recent Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence led to the State Government funding a pilot program Children and Mothers in Mind. CMiM incorporates Connections as the basis for the initial 8 weeks of the 22-week early intervention program for mums and children (four years and under) who’ve experienced family violence and no longer live with the perpetrator. The goal of CMiM is to improve mothers’ parenting confidence, enhance parenting skills, strengthen parent-child relationships and reduce parenting stress. 

This week, as the primary Children and Mothers in Mind facilitator, we welcomed BTC clinical psychologist Mary Motz from Toronto. Mary provided CPS staff and workers from partner agencies tremendous insight into delivering the Connections component.

For more information about CMiM, please email CmiMintake@cps.org.au or call 03 9450 0900.

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