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CPS expertise supporting foster & kinship carers

May 4, 2018

On the back of a series of highly successful workshops, CPS’ Training and Education Unit look forward to strengthening our partnership with Carer KaFE in delivering quality training to foster and kinship carers across Victoria. We are delighted the Victorian Government is continuing to provide funding for these essential programs.

To care for Victoria’s children and young adults in foster and kinship placements, carers themselves need training and support. Carer KaFÉ provides learning and development opportunities for carers throughout Victoria, in addition to the benefit of interacting with fellow carers for peer support.

Utilising CPS' training professionals with hands-on experience in the field, Carer KaFE will now be able to provide the unit 'Family Violence: The real impact on children' to even more foster and kinship carers.

For foster and kinship carers, specialist education in recognising and building capacity to handle the effects of neglect and abuse on children in their care is critical. Too often in the past carers have been ill equipped, struggled to cope and as a result the children's trauma has been exacerbated by unstable living arrangements, leading to possible consequences such as dropping out of school, long term unemployment, homelessness and a range of anti-social, even criminal behaviours.

A small selection of feedback from carers who've undergone the CPS training for Carer KaFE;

“Loved this course! Bite sized and very useful information presented in a professional and engaging way”.

“Well presented, friendly and informative”.

“Really enjoyed the training. Great simple but effective methods to help children in care”.

“Honestly, one of the best training sessions I’ve been to, and trust me, I’ve been to lots. I think it’s due to the combination of presenters style, interesting content and engaging activities. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!!!”.

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