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CPS Cybersafety training in Vietnam

December 8, 2017

CPS’ Professional Development & Education Unit (PD&E) was recently awarded the contract from ChildFund Australia to design a set of training modules for young people and parents on internet safety in Vietnam.

PD&E were tasked with developing five bespoke modules for young people and three modules for parents. Within this content development the Unit also developed three video storyboards to support the delivery of the modules.

Senior Consultant Phillip Doorgachurn recently returned from delivering this 7-day Train the Trainer course to 18 ChildFund Staff and Volunteers. The course enabled the trainers to familiarise themselves with the modules, develop training skills and pilot the modules to Young People and Parents.

ChildFund staff and volunteers will now roll this training out to 12,000 young people and 3000 parents across Vietnam. PDE were proud to work on this project and extend CPS’s reach outside of Australia and to help keep children safe online.

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