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Children & Mothers in Mind Masterclass
In conjunction with the SAFER Families Conference, Kids First & University of Melbourne are presenting an overview of this program for mums and infants who’ve experienced domestic violence.

Registrations for this event are closed until more spaces are allocated.

19 November 2018

10:00AM - 12:00PM

Dr Angelique Jenney (author and developer of Mother’s in Mind) and Dr Margaret Kertesz (lead researcher at Melbourne University into Children & Mothers in Mind/CMiM) will explore clinical and research perspectives of the Australia-first CMiM program, a 22-week group domestic violence recovery program for children 0-4 and mothers affected by domestic violence. 

This masterclass will provide clinicians an insight into how a trauma informed therapeutic program can bring the child’s experience of domestic violence to the forefront and aid their recovery by supporting the mother. Dr Jenney and Dr Kertesz will be analysing and reflecting case studies from a clinical and research perspective, linking program learnings to clinical practice and sector provision of services.

The Kids First adaptation of the Canadian developed Mothers in Mind underwent evaluation by the University of Melbourne in 2016/17. Findings suggested participating mothers increased their confidence to parent effectively and feelings of connectedness with their children. Utilising findings from the evaluation, Kids First further developed the program (now called Children and Mothers in Mind), to better meet the needs of families after violence. CMiM allows mothers to relearn and practice ways of being a parent in a safe and supported environment and to connect with others, both skilled professionals and women in similar circumstances. 

Evaluation of the CMiM program is now underway and will further explore the sector-wide implications of this program.