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Our Purpose

All kids deserve a bright future

Programs for Families

The strength of the relationship between children and their parents or caregivers is a predictor of how well children will do in school and in life. Our services are informed by evidence and designed to forge strong family bonds that stand the test of time.

Healing from trauma

Traumatic experiences can have a profound impact on family members. We provide specialist individual and family counselling to children, young people and families to help them recover and heal from sexual abuse, family violence and other hurtful experiences.

Sensory Methods

The Sensory Room at our Heidelberg centre is a way to explore self-care, which includes learning about what you need in those difficult parenting times to self-regulate. What works for you as a parent and what works for your children can be explored in the Sensory Room and developed into your sensory profile.

There’s no shame or judgement, just support, healing and pratical advice to move us all forward.”

Dad of 6 kids

Caring Dads client

Kids First's Intake and Engagement Team

From the outset, our Intake & Engagement team thoroughly assesses each potential clients’ needs. If there are services you require outside of Kids First, then we will advocate on your behalf and make referrals that will save you having to retell your experiences which you may otherwise find traumatic or challenging.

Any questions you have any questions about referrals into a Kids First program or similar service our Intake and Engagement Team are always happy to talk and walk you through your options.

Kids First's Intake and Engagement Team
Adults engaged in the services of The Orange Door NEMA
Children engaged in the services of The Orange Door NEMA

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