Physical Release

I consent to take part in the Three Peaks Challenge 2024. I have read the information regarding this event, and any questions I have asked have been answered to my satisfaction. I acknowledge that the event includes physical tasks and activities that inherently contain a risk of injury. I understand that such tasks and activities are carried out with appropriate supervision and that I can halt my participation at any time should I desire. If I elect to participate in the event, I will accept all consequences of participation including any risk of injury associated with participation in the event.
I authorise KidsFirst/Whitelion in the event of any injury or illness occurring during or in connection with the Three Peaks Challenge 2024 to obtain for me and at my expense any medical treatment as may be considered appropriate by KidsFirst/Whitelion. I agree to pay on demand by KidsFirst/Whitelion any medical, hospital or other expenses incurred by KidsFirst/Whitelion in this regard.

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